Our Values

To spread an appreciation and interest for cybersecurity throughout the world. We believe that anyone and everyone can learn how to become an exemplary cyber citizen. By giving them a new awareness, we can hope to prevent the growing threats that perpetually loom over the horizon.

Be Careful

Of course we’re careful. It’s in our name. Not only do we take care with your data, we take care with the needs of your company. We understand that cybersecurity and compliance are not easy concepts to deal with and will apply our wisdom to work with your organization every step of the way.

Be Courageous

At Careful Security, we are unafraid to explore uncharted territories in a field that requires constant innovation to keep up with the persistence of cyber threats. We ensure that all of our clients are ahead of the curve and ready to face all risks and vulnerabilities that may arise.

Have Fun

No one said any of this stuff has to be boring. We believe that by having a little fun, our clients will better process the information we provide and develop an appreciation for cybersecurity that will lead to a greater resiliency and fewer incidents.

Key Players

Sammy Basu | Careful Security

Sammy Basu


Sammy has over 15 years of experience in Cybersecurity and has worked for multiple Fortune 100 companies. That experience, along with an engineering degree and a Masters in Information Security, gives him the insider scoop and technical knowledge to excel in his field. Sammy developed his passion for Cybersecurity while working as a Systems and Network Administrator in the early 2000s. His employer was undergoing a Cybersecurity audit and Sammy became fascinated with the challenges of passing the review. He loves the fact that cybersecurity is a combination of people, processes, and technology and that the learning never stops.

Scott Davis

Director of cybersecurity

Scott is a highly skilled developer and team leader, with extensive experience in full-stack development, coupled with a passion for DevSecOps, and CyberSecurity. He is also well-versed in the setup and configuration of physical security, ensuring comprehensive protection for businesses.

Scott recognizes the importance of striking a balance between professional and personal life and that nurturing our well-being is essential for achieving success in all aspects of life.

Elon Ramirez

Elon Ramirez

Cybersecurity Engineer

A magna cum laude and honors society graduate from Cal Poly Pomona, Elon is a driven individual, with no signs of stopping. One of the many reasons Elon decided to join Careful Security was for the opportunity to put what he has learned to the test. He is a Certified Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner, with expertise in Network Architecture, Network Security, Ethical Hacking, and IT Auditing. Elon continues to educate himself by applying AI and related technical changes. Always willing to learn, Elon has taken on the role of Cybersecurity Engineer here at Careful Security and oversees Security monitoring and assists in IT Audits.

product manager cybersecurity

Alyssa Butler

Product manager

Alyssa joined the Careful Security team to take on the product management side of things. She has a decade of experience in the legal field, as well as a decade in content creation. This diverse combination allows Alyssa to be both analytical and creative as she takes on her role as product manager. She also oversees marketing for Careful Security. Social Media is constantly changing and evolving, so to stay current, Alyssa frequently checks in with other professionals in the field via networking, podcasts, and articles. Working in cybersecurity has been a wonderful and informative experience for Alyssa, and she can’t wait to learn more about the tech side of the company.