Vote for your favorite Lion

Vote for your favorite Lion!

Detailed diagnostic

I identify risks in people, process and technology by evaluating risks both qualitatively and quantitatively. I create a roadmap for the team to follow and implement. Without me, you’ll never know about the gaps in your cybersecurity posture. Why wouldn’t you vote for me?

Meticulous Monitoring

I watch everything that happens within the company. From network traffic to server vulnerabilities to data assets . Nothing escapes me and my real-time detection capabilities. Thats why they call me Meticulous Monitoring and thats why you should vote for me. 

Consistent Compliance

 I make sure you pass your security audits and get your certifications and grow your company securely. I believe security is based on people, process and technology and their consistency from beginning to end.  Consistency is my first name and thats why should vote for me!