NIST Cybersecurity Framework has the answers

What was the problem/objective?

A ransomware attack had hit a large manufacturing firm of around 1,000 people. They were able to recover most of their data and rebuild their systems, but it took time, effort, and company downtime. The board of directors didn’t want a similar situation to be repeated again in the near future. They hired a cybersecurity consulting firm to identify their risks and create a security roadmap for them. Careful Security was hired to implement this roadmap.

What was the solution?

We reviewed the roadmap and proposed a structured way to implement this roadmap by implementing an industry-standard framework. We also implemented basic security measures like vulnerability and patch management, reviewing security alerts, consolidating their log files, and providing them continuous security monitoring.

What are some of the other benefits?

We also scheduled an ISO 27001 Audit for the company to ensure other departments, e.g., HR and Finance, are following security standards.

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