Cybersecurity Tips

PCI Compliance On A Penny

PCI Compliance On A Penny

We recently worked with a client to build a PCI compliance infrastructure in the cloud. Here are some key takeaways from that experience. Becoming PCI compliant is often perceived as a daunting task, as there are approximately 200 requirements that an organization needs to adhere to. However, just like Pareto’s 80-20 principle, here are some …

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Zero Trust In The Time Of Covid19

Zero Trust In The Time Of Covid19

What is Zero Trust Network? Zero Trust is somewhat like navigating through a high-security airport where we scan our ticket and validate our identity at multiple points of entry. It is about implementing and monitoring user-access control at a granular level. Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) ensures that only authorized users can access specific applications …

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What is a Honeypot?

The ever-expanding world of technology is growing bigger every day. With that comes a myriad of vulnerable and insecure computer systems that have been neglected. This presents a massive problem, as these uncared-for systems are goldmines for cybercriminals to access. With this malicious access comes data leaks, stolen credentials, and a plethora of other exploits …

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Home Office Network Segmentation

Home Office Network Segmentation

Most of us who are working from home have a flat network that allows free co-mingling of malicious traffic with clean traffic. In the good old days when we used to commute to work, we would have noticed that payroll systems are isolated from user workstations that are isolated from production servers. The flat network …

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Securing your Database

During a customary search for vulnerable databases, the team at Comparitech discovered a vulnerable and unprotected MongoDB database belonging to FarFaira, a website designed to promote literacy for children as young as 2 years old. The information on this database includes user sign-in information, email addresses, and social media tokens. That’s why database security is …

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