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What are the benefits of getting cyber insurance?

Cybersecurity insurance provides financial coverage in the event of a cyberattack. A good policy can help with the costs associated with remediation and recovery of impacted systems. It is important to discuss with the insurance provider about what is covered under their plan. 

Who needs cyber liability insurance?

Any business that stores or processes sensitive information should consider cyber liability insurance. Consider coverage if you store data such as customer names and addresses, Social Security numbers, medical records, and financial information such as credit card information.

Questions to ask a prospective cybersecurity insurance provider:

What Is The Cost? What Incidents Will The Insurance Cover? Is The Provider Knowledgeable About Your Businesses Industry? Are There Specific Incidents That Are Excluded? Which Audit Or Compliance Obligations Will You Need To Comply With? What Is The Response Time Once A Breach Occurs? Can The Provider Modify Coverage Due To The Changing Nature Of Cyber Attacks? 

What are the four categories of cyber and privacy insurance?

Trademark infringement
Copyright infringement
Network security liability
Electronic media liability

If I have cyber insurance do I still need to have cybersecurity in place?

cybersecurity insurance does not replace the need for cybersecurity. Insurance does not protect your company from cyber threats, only from financial loss due to a cyber-attack. In fact in order to secure a cybersecurity insurance you will need to ensure that you are taking the right steps in securing your data.

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