Mastodon Bug Found

If you haven’t heard of Mastodon, it is a decentralized social media platform that users are flocking to to replace Twitter. After Elon Musk purchased

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Erase Data Tech

Azov Ransomware

Azov ransomware was originally thought to be yet another ransomware that encrypts a victim’s data, demands a ransom, and forces you to pay if you

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trans honeypot

What is a Honeypot?

The ever-expanding world of technology is growing bigger every day. With that comes a myriad of vulnerable and insecure computer systems that have been neglected.

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iPhone iOS 16 lockdown mode

New iPhone Feature – Lockdown Mode for Security

Here’s what Lockdown Mode on your iPhone does:

Message Attachments are blocked, except for images.

If a website has a complex tech, like just-in-time (JIT) Javascript compilation, it will be disabled.

FaceTime calls, and other incoming invitations and service requests, from unknown callers are blocked.

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