Attack Surface Monitoring

Identify your public facing vulnerabilities

What is Attack Surface Monitoring?

Attack surface monitoring identifies and tracks potential attack vectors that a system, network, or application may have. The attack surface refers to all the entry points and vulnerabilities that an attacker can potentially exploit to compromise the security of the system or network. By monitoring the attack surface, organizations can identify and prioritize vulnerabilities, assess the effectiveness of security controls, and implement measures to reduce the attack surface and improve overall security posture.

What does it involve?

Attack surface monitoring involves continuously monitoring and analyzing a system or network's attack surface to detect and mitigate potential security risks. This involves identifying all the components that make up the attack surface, such as web applications, databases, network infrastructure, and user access controls, and monitoring them for vulnerabilities and exploits.

What is the Goal of Attack Surface monitoring?

The goal of attack surface monitoring is to reduce the likelihood of successful cyberattacks by proactively identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious actors. This is important for maintaining the security and integrity of sensitive data and systems.

What is the difference between vulnerability management and attack surface management?

Vulnerability management focuses on identifying and remediating known vulnerabilities in a system or network. Attack surface management, on the other hand, focuses on identifying and reducing the overall attack surface of a system or network, which includes all potential entry points for attackers. Vulnerability management is a specific approach to identifying and remediating vulnerabilities, while attack surface management is a broader approach that seeks to reduce the overall attack surface of a system or network. While both approaches are important for managing cybersecurity risks, they focus on different aspects of the cybersecurity landscape.

What can Careful Security do for you?

Here at Careful Security, we can monitor your attack surface and provide you with an attacker's view of your organization. We will alert you to your public facing security posture based on our scans.

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