Cybersecurity Strategy

Create a high-level security strategy based on what you need
to implement in the short-term, mid-term and long term

Why is cybersecurity strategy important?

Developing a cyber security strategy allows you to better understand your current environment and profile so you know how your organization stacks up. By identifying inadequacies and vulnerabilities, you're able to make the necessary modifications to get to where you need to be.

What is the first step in cybersecurity strategy?

The first step in securing your information is understanding your business. Building a concise definition of your business and its mode of operation will help you identify the threats and the applicable laws in the industry. 

What is a strategic security plan?

A security strategic plan is the foundation of a complete security program for any company in any industry. The objective of a strategic plan is to chart a course for the organization to develop a more mature security environment and to evolve that environment over time.

What is a cybersecurity implementation plan?

A cybersecurity strategy implementation plan is a business' written guide to follow and improve its overall risk management and defenses against the on-going threat of cyber crime and the most significant threats they may face. 

Cybersecurity Strategy

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