Rogue IT Identification


Trap the attacker, learn about their activities.

What is a Honeypot?

A honeypot is a decoy system, implemented in an organization’s network. Its purpose is to detect, deflect, and study hackers’ attack methods.

Why do you need a Honeypot?

Placing a honeypot in a network or cloud environment can lessen the risk of a real target being infiltrated. The honeypot poses as a vulnerable system within the organization.

How does Careful Security utilize honeypots?

The honeypot lures attackers in and exposes them, allowing Careful Security to track and monitor their every step, once they’ve interacted with the system. We then use this information to research tactics and strategies used by cybercriminals to better defend against them.

Live attack map from Careful Security research honeypot
Top 10 Attacks on Careful Security honeypot