Patch Management

Automatically update and patch any systems within your organizations IT structure with patch management

What is Patch Management?

Patch management is the process of applying and distributing updates to software within an organization, often using remote management software

Why do you need patch management?

When you normally update a workstation, server, or router it can be done easily with the click of a button. But as your organization grows you start to have hundreds and hundreds of these devices and software that need updates, and you can lose track very quickly. That’s where patch management comes in.

How can Careful Security help?

Instead of manually updating every piece of equipment that uses some sort of software, leave it to Careful Security. Careful security's team use state-of-art remote monitoring and management tools, giving us the ability to update any software remotely and securely within your organization. Neglecting any software updates is like leaving your house unlocked 24/7 allowing anyone who has ill intentions to do what they please with it. Patch management can secure and save your organization's data and critical information, contact Careful Security for any additional information or questions.

Patch Management

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