Security Monitoring

Setup 24/7 security monitoring for a timely
response to detecting and prevent cyber-attacks.

What kind of security monitoring do you conduct?

We monitor your systems for potential security events. We install our monitoring agents on your servers and critical workstations. We also ingest AWS CloudTrail and VPC logs. We ingest logs from your Office 365 platform or Google Workspace. If we notice an anomaly, we'll alert you about the attack pattern along with recommendations on how to prevent the attack.

Security Monitoring

What kind of attack patterns do you notice?

As shown in the screenshot below, here's a breakdown of the Top MITRE Attack patterns we notice.

Security Monitoring Attack Types

What do you do when you see an active attack?

When we notice an active attack, we analyze the root cause and provide solutions on how to address the attack.

Attack Levels

Do you monitor Cloud Services logs as well?

Yes, we monitor AWS Firewall logs, VPC logs, CloudTrail logs to identify security gaps and vulnerabilities. Real screenshot shown below.

Security Monitoring
secure monitoring