Security Project Management

Ensure oversight and meet deadlines for your
cybersecurity strategy execution

What are the key components of Cybersecurity Program Management?

Cybersecurity program management comprises six major components: Risk Management, Compliance, Policy and Procedure Management, Vulnerability Management, Security Project Management, and Knowledge Management. 

What are the key elements of a cybersecurity program?

Application Security
Information Security
Disaster Recovery Planning
Network Security
End-user Security
Operational Security

What does a Cybersecurity Program Manager do?

Cybersecurity Program Managers manage a variety of projects within their organization, facilitating the planning and prioritization of complex cybersecurity services. These projects may be complex and span many offices, departments, and entities.

How do you build a Cybersecurity Program from the ground up?

Identify all types of data and sensitive data you store
Define where that information is stored
Take record of all hardware and software devices in your network
Develop a plan to train employees and users on cybersecurity best practices

security project management

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