Google Security

Secure your Google Workspace infrastructure –including emails,
shared drives, and sensitive documents

Is Google Workspace safe?

As a service for productivity, collaboration, file storage, and cloud performance, Google Workspace is definitely one of the most secure tools on the web today. In fact, Google actively works to ensure that its customers are well-protected, with cybersecurity checklists designed to aid modern mid-sized brands.

How secure is Google Workspace's Gmail?

Every single email message you send or receive – 100% of them – is encrypted while moving between Google's data centers. This ensures that your messages are safe – not only when they move between your devices and Gmail's servers, but also as they move internally within Google.

How can Careful Security help you?

We can help you implement best security practices within your Google Workspace environment. Doing so will help secure your environment and keep your company data secure.

How do you measure risk?

Risk can be assessed both qualitatively and quantitatively. A good risk assessment is a combination of both. Qualitative risk is evaluated based on the business impact and likelihood while quantitative risk is assessed based on the financial value of an asset and the security control used to protect it.

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