Careful Security

Penetration Testing

Burnout in the Cybersecurity Industry

The cybersecurity industry faces a high burnout because of the endless stream of threats and the passionate professional who feels they have to manage it

Disappearing Photos Lifewire

Disappearing Photos : Lifewire

Are your temporary images really temporary or is there a way to keep them forever? Sammy spoke with Lifewire about how these images can still

Data Security Record Nation

Data Security : Record Nation

Taking care of the hardware that contains your data makes logical sense. However, many companies are still losing their data on a daily basis  

Mini PCs

Mini PCs : Lifewire

How are mini PC processors different from regular PCs? Which users should opt for a mini PC? How can you keep a mini PC safe?

Data Privacy And Cybersecurity

Data Privacy And Cybersecurity

Plan in advance. Assign a value to your various categories or tiers of information (digital assets) and keep your asset inventory updated. That way, if