Uber Hack – Cybersecurity Threat

Uber Hack – Cybersecurity Threat

Uber Hack
Image from Mashable

Uber got hacked! This hack shook up the Cybersecurity world.

An 18 year old was able to infiltrate Uber, compromising its entire system with this breach.

The hacker got into Uber by targeting an employee and the “Multi-factor Authentication” (MFA) method. (We are all familiar with those websites that encourage us to have a two-factor authentication in place.)

This illustrates just how important it is to have good cyber-safety training in place for all employees. It just takes one crack in the structure for the whole building to crumble.

Remember, if you get an MFA request, make sure you know where it’s coming from. It is always best practice to go directly to the website or app that is asking for verification, instead of clicking on a link.

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