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Our Vision

We see a world in which companies can operate in peace with a trusted Cyber Security Partner that takes a holistic approach to security focusing on reliability, accountability, and efficiency.

Simplifying and strengthening cybersecurity by conjoining the foundational practices of strong cyber hygiene with the timeless principles of common sense and consistency

Careful Security's 3 c's


Stay a step ahead in the rapidly advancing digital world with Careful Security’s comprehensive services.

We collaborate

Actively engaging with business stakeholders to gain insights into their challenges, viewpoints, and workflows.

We Customize

Tailoring security solutions to meet the unique risks, resources, and objectives of your business.

We Centralize

Consolidating cybersecurity initiatives and tracking incremental improvements with a focus on simplicity, sustainability, and scalability.

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The Faces Behind our Success

Sammy Basu


Scott Davis

Cybersecurity Director

Brad Haizlett

CXO Advisor

Alyssa Butler

Content Creator

Elon Ramirez

Cybersecurity Engineer

Julian De Los Prados

Cybersecurity Engineer

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