TMX Finance Corporate Services Inc.

TMX Finance Corporate Services Inc., a provider of consumer lending services, disclosed a significant data breach in March. The breach was identified in February but may have started as early as December 2022. Approximately 4.8 million individuals were impacted by this breach. 

Unauthorized actors acquired information between February 3, 2023, and February 14, 2023. TMX Finance promptly reviewed potentially affected files to assess the extent of the breach. 

Specific weaknesses are not disclosed, but potential vulnerabilities could include: 

  • Lack of Intrusion Detection: Delayed detection of the breach. 
  • Third-Party Risks: Assessing security practices of vendors or partners. 

TMX Finance identified the breach during an investigation into the inaccessibility of certain computer systems. Immediate response efforts led to the discovery of unauthorized access. 

Potentially impacted personal data for TMX consumers includes: 

  • Name 
  • Date of birth 
  • Social Security number 
  • Passport number 
  • Driver’s license number 
  • Tax ID number 

TMX Finance promptly notified affected individuals and likely conducted a thorough investigation.