Azov Ransomware

Azov ransomware was originally thought to be yet another ransomware that encrypts a victim’s data, demands a ransom, and forces you to pay if you want your data back. All this, however, is just a front. This is a new type of ransomware. Instead of providing you the contact information to unencrypt your data and pay the ransom, they give you security researchers’ and journalists’ information to blame for being the creators of this ransomware. This malicious software is not your average ransomware but a data wiper being used by a hacktivist to bring attention to world political events, like the ongoing war in Ukraine. Normally, when a computer gets infected with ransomware, the data gets encrypted. With this Azov ransomware, the data gets completely wiped and destroyed.

Who is behind Azov?

There is no clear-cut answer on who is behind this malicious software. The cybersecurity community has plenty of theories ranging from hacktivists to trolls–but nobody, at least at the moment, has any real idea who is responsible.

How can you protect yourself from Azov?

  Azov “Ransomware” is found through a botnet commonly seen on pirating sites and software crack sites. This brings up a great security practice on why you should never visit un-trustworthy websites or ever download anything you may find suspicious. Regularly backing up data and cybersecurity training in an organization can be great defense tactics against the ever-evolving world of ransomware.