Don’t Let Hackers Win: How to Keep Your Applications Secure

Application security is a critical component of any company’s cybersecurity strategy. It is the process of identifying, identifying and mitigating risks and vulnerabilities in software applications and systems. In today’s digital age, where companies rely heavily on technology and the internet to conduct business, application security is needed more than ever to protect sensitive data, …

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Mastodon Bug Found

If you haven’t heard of Mastodon, it is a decentralized social media platform that users are flocking to to replace Twitter. After Elon Musk purchased Twitter recently, and laid off many Twitter employees, users were looking for a replacement. While Mastodon is different from the extremely popular social media networking site, known for “tweets”, people …

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CyberSecurity Issues–in SPACE?!

Cyber Threats in Space: The New Challenges Ahead In the last few years, a new space race has been booming among government agencies. Now private space organizations have joined the race! These agencies and organizations are now working on and off the clock to advance into the future of the space age. With the latest …

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