Industry Spotlight: Ransomware Attacks on Healthcare Industry

Healthcare organizations are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals employing sophisticated methods. Here are a few recent incidents.

Ardent Health Services Falls Victim to Ransomware

Ardent Health Services had to shut down its entire IT system. This drastic measure, though necessary for security, led to a ripple effect of disruptions across 30 hospitals. The impact was widespread, affecting not just internal systems but also patient care, as elective procedures were delayed and some emergency cases were redirected.

Henry Schein Inc Battles with Black Cat Ransomware

Henry Schein Inc, a leading medical supplies distributor was targeted by the Black Cat ransomware group. The incident disrupted its ecommerce operations and had a considerable impact on its service delivery. This case underscores the high stakes of cybersecurity in healthcare, where a breach can lead to significant financial and operational losses.

Capital Health Network Cyberattack

Capital Health, a New Jersey-based healthcare organization experienced a major network outage due to a cyberattack. This incident affected several facilities, including two hospitals and numerous care practices, leading to adjustments in surgical schedules and patient care services. The attack is a stark reminder of the vulnerability of healthcare systems to cyber threats and the need for robust defenses.

Recommended Solution: Engage in 3rd Party Security Audit

The rise in cyber attacks within the healthcare sector signals a clear need for enhanced security measures. A third party security audit can add in an external perspective and identify threats that may have been taken for granted by internal IT Security teams.  Careful Security provides a detailed diagnostic service that is designed to Identify Critical Risks in your Environment.