New SEC Cybersecurity Rules Take Effect

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has set new standards for how public companies report cybersecurity issues. These rules will significantly impact how companies report and manage cybersecurity threats, marking a pivotal moment in corporate cyber governance. Mandatory Incident Disclosure Public companies are now required to disclose material cybersecurity incidents …

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Apache Alerts on High-Risk Flaw in Struts 2 Framework

The Apache Software Foundation has recently issued a critical security advisory for its widely-used Struts 2 web application framework. This alert, focused on a newly discovered vulnerability identified as CVE-2023-50164, underscores the ongoing challenges in securing web applications in an increasingly complex cyber environment. Unpacking the Vulnerability CVE-2023-50164 is more …

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Industry Spotlight: Ransomware Attacks on Healthcare Industry

Healthcare organizations are increasingly targeted by cybercriminals employing sophisticated methods. Here are a few recent incidents. Ardent Health Services Falls Victim to Ransomware Ardent Health Services had to shut down its entire IT system. This drastic measure, though necessary for security, led to a ripple effect of disruptions across 30 …

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