6 Key Security Steps Companies Should Take Right Now

Today we have Sammy Basu joining us. Sammy is the founder of Careful Security, which is one of the top cybersecurity companies in Los Angeles. Sammy is passionate about cybersecurity.
Sammy Basu is the founder of Careful Security. He helps businesses reduce their CyberSecurity risks without impacting user experience. He uses his experience of working at Fortune 100 companies for the last 20 years to make sure security is seamless. CyberSecurity can be successful only when people adopt and accept it as part of normal business operations.

Sammy shares so much great information and I know you are going to get a great value out of this episode. Sammy shares six key steps that companies should take right now to protect their business. He also shares many practical and basic steps you can take right now to protect your personal and professional workspaces.

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