6 Key Security Steps Companies Should Take Right Now

In this episode, Sammy provides valuable insights by sharing six crucial steps that businesses can take to safeguard their operations, as well as practical and fundamental measures to secure personal and professional environments.

Burnout in the Cybersecurity Industry

cybersecurity industry

The cybersecurity industry faces a high burnout because of the endless stream of threats and the passionate professional who feels they have to manage it all.

Data Security : Record Nation

Taking care of the hardware that contains your data makes logical sense. However, many companies are still losing their data on a daily basis

Sammy had a great discussion with Andy Breslow from Record Nation about it.

Data Privacy And Cybersecurity

Plan in advance. Assign a value to your various categories or tiers of information (digital assets) and keep your asset inventory updated. That way, if your customer data has been breached, you know the dollar value associated with that data and you have a plan to prioritize, recover and restore operations.