Data Privacy And Cybersecurity

Plan in advance. Assign a value to your various categories or tiers of information (digital assets) and keep your asset inventory updated. That way, if your customer data has been breached, you know the dollar value associated with that data and you have a plan to prioritize, recover, and restore operations.

As a part of our series “5 Things You Need To Know To Optimize Your Company’s Approach to Data Privacy and Cybersecurity”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Sammy Basu.

Sammy Basu is the founder of Careful Security, where he uses his extensive cyber security corporate background and teaching experience to create fun and easy-to-digest lessons that can help career professionals and cybersecurity aspirants gain a holistic understanding of cybersecurity concepts.

Before starting his consultancy, Sammy worked in different aspects of information security for established Fortune 100 companies Warner Bros. Entertainment, EA Sports, Pfizer, State Farm Insurance, and Goldman Sachs.

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