Fireside Chats

Financial analysis and strategic decision-making

Transcript of the conversation with Carrie Augenstein Fractional CFO to CPG Business WATCH THE FULL VIDEO Sammy Basu Our guest today is Carrie Augustine. And she’s a fractional CFO. And she’s super accomplished. So we’re very happy to have her as our guest and learn all about her exciting world. …

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Basketball and Acting with Hollywood Realtor

WATCH THE FULL VIDEO Transcript of the conversation with Hollywood Realtor Scott Nell Alyssa Butler Welcome, we have Scott Neil here. Thank you, Scott. Scott Nell Yes, yes. Anything for Sammy? Anything for Sammy? Alyssa Butler That’s fair enough. Same anything for Sammy. Yeah. Sammy Basu Thank you, Scott. Scott, …

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Business coaching and leadership skills

WATCH THE FULL VIDEO Transcript of the conversation with Business Coach Michael Viane Sammy Basu Welcome, everyone to our expert webinar. Today we have Mike Viane, Mike and I share a common background both having worked in the entertainment industry, Mike worked for the same company in the entertainment industry. …

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